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AFC100 Series AC Power Source

AFC100 Series AC Power Source

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The AFC100S Series AC Power Source is integrated with the IGBT/SPWM technology, simple operation but provides cleaner and reliable output voltage and frequency to achieve all kinds of industrial requirements.
This AFC100S Ac Power Source offers high quality pure sine wave with output power rating from 500VA to 15kVA, THD less than 1% at resistive load. Additionally, this Ac Source provides dual output voltage ranges of 0-150V or 0-300V, output frequency of 50/60Hz fixed, 45-65Hz adjustable(opt 45-400Hz). Users are allowed to remotely control this equipment via standard RS232 interface.

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4 LED displays to show measurements of voltage, current, frequency and power/power factor
Power module design with compact size for easier maintenance and high power density.
Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature with corresponding error codes.
Three phase independent control and display the phase voltage of each phase.
Either front panel or remote standard RS232(optional RS485) interface control available
Precision True-RMS meter of volts, amps and power or power factor for displays and reports.



MODEL AFC-105 AFC-110 AFC-120 AFC-130 AFC-150
Phases 1Ø2W + Ground
Voltage 220V/120V±10%(Please contact us for other voltage )
Frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Rated Power(kVA)
0.5 1 2 3 5
Max Current 150V Range(A) 4.2 8.4 16.8 25 42
300V Range(A) 2.1 4.2 8.4 12.5 21
Phases 1Ø2W + Ground
Voltage Low Range(V) 0 - 150 V
High Range(V) 0 - 300 V
Frequency Range 50/60Hz±5%, 45-65Hz Adjustable(opt.45-400Hz)
Measurement Current(RMS)  Resolution: 1mA/10mA or 10mA/100mA Auto Range 

Accuracy: ±0.4%±0.3% F.S.±3 Counts±0.1%/100Hz
Voltage(RMS)                            Resolution: 0.1V

Accuracy: ±0.2%±0.3% F.S.±2 Counts±0.1%/100Hz
Frequency                            Resolution: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz Auto Range

                           Accuracy: ±0.1%±2 Counts±0.05%/100Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) ≤ 1% (Resistive Load, Full Load 2% )
Voltage Regulation ≤ 1%
Load Regulation ≤ 1%
Frequency Regulation
≤ 0.01%
Crest Factor  3 : 1
Protection Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature,Over Load ,
Phase Deficient, Low-voltage Protection, Alarms
Efficiency ≥ 85% ( at full load )
Operating Temperature 0° - 40° C / 32° - 104° F
Relative Humidity 10-90%,non-condensing
4 Digit LED Meters  Voltage, Current, Frequency,Power or Power factor(Optional)
Interface  RS-232 standard(opt. RS-485)
Dimensions(W*H*D)(mm) 520x107x480 510x195x480
Weights(Kg) 20 25 30 35 45